Frequently Asked Questions

What are the bungs made of? Is the equipment food-safe?

Everything is food-safe and designed to be cleaned easily. The bungs are made of food grade HDPE, Silicone, and 316 Stainless Steel.

How do the bung connects to the barrel? Can I remove them if I need to access the wine in the barrel?

BarrelWise bungs are the same size as standard bungs, and fit in any standard barrel. If the barrel needs to be opened at any time, the bungs can be removed - even when the barrel is on a rack.

What is the cleaning protocol for BarrelWise equipment?

The bungs should be wiped with a clean cloth and alcohol cleaning solution before use. The cart should have caustic or a similar cleaner flushed through it before use.

Why have you focused on SO2 measurements? Will the system measure anything else?

SO2 (specifically free SO2) is the first parameter that we have chosen to measure, as it is a proxy for spoilage and over-oxidation as the wine ages in barrels. This will allow winemakers to receive alerts when free SO2 is depleting faster than usual, which indicates which barrels require special attention.

I would like to try the BarrelWise system at my winery. How can I arrange this?

Contact Artem Bocharov: or 1-778-986-3187.

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