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We make barrel management easy. Top, sample, sanitize and add sulphites. All without removing the bung.

Why BarrelWise?

Save time 

A pilot at Sandhill Winery, part of the Andrew Peller group, demonstrated a 74% reduction in per-barrel service time using the BarrelWise system.

Current Methods

Using BarrelWise

Control Oxygen Levels

Using our system, barrels remain sealed during the entire aging process. This means wine is never exposed to oxygen and bacteria. BarrelWise's system also reduces the risk of cross-contamination and of spreading Brettanomyces through a self- sanitizing mechanism and nitrogen blanketing.


I was impressed by the concept, and somewhat surprised by how much time saving it demonstrated. The system showed potential to significantly optimise barrel care processes.

Sandy Leier

Head Winemaker

Sandhill Winery

Meet The Team

Jason Sparrow


Atrem Bocharov

Director of Sales

David Sommer


Miayan Yeremi


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