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BarrelWise co-founder wins Mitacs Outstanding Entrepreneur award

Miayan Yeremi, co-founder and Director of R&D, scoops up yet another achievement trophy for the BarrelWise team.

Mitacs have recognized Miayan's work at BarrelWise with an Outstanding Entrepreneur at their 2020 Entrepreneur Awards ceremony. This honor speaks to Miayan's successful transition from a Mechanical Engineering doctorate programme at UBC to driving the development of a novel free SO2 sensor for winemaking applications at BarrelWise Technologies.

The journey has not always been easy. As a father of four, Miayan's days are a constant balancing act between his work and his family duties - something he has had to learn to manage. From running video conference calls with toddlers in each arm, to temporarily shifting his sensor development efforts to his parents' laundry room during a family visit, Miayan has always been able to adapt to whatever the situation demanded.

Thanks, in large part, to these efforts, the BarrelWise team is on track to roll out the winery cellar data tracking functionality in 2021.

The BarrelWise team is honored to have you on board Miayan, and we are very proud of your achievements. Well deserved, and here's to many more achievements and awards!

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