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Since 2018, BarrelWise has built up technology and expertise, creating solutions for the wine industry with spectroscopy and IoT technology.
We are looking to to apply our expertise to solve new challenges across diverse industries.

IoT Technology

Remote monitoring of hardware | Database and data pipeline design | Real-time telemetry | Fleet management tools

Advanced Spectroscopy

Turning academic research and fundamental theory into accurate measurement systems

User & Business Interfaces

User Interface design | Mobile app development for data collection and machine control | Data visualization and interpretation

Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

Mechanical design | Rapid prototyping | Fluid handling systems | Hardware assembly and testing

Get actionable insights with IoT tech

BarrelWise has measurement devices that are geographically distributed over Western Canada & USA.

Equipment Monitoring: Real-time, real value

Our remote monitoring technology gives us real-time access to:
  • Push alerts of anomalies and error messages to help provide proactive support
  • Usage statistics and customer behaviors
  • Monitoring of customer maintenance and cleaning procedures

Critical Parameter Monitoring: Detect & respond, rapidly

Provide technicians with detailed time-series telemetry from all devices in order to:
  • Provide expert support to customers and field technicians
  • Accelerate development: every customer device is wired for diagnostics
  • Review diagnostic test results to identify issues early

Fleet Management & Remote Control

Our fleet management technology gives customers the ability to:
  • Configure, calibrate, and update systems over-the-air (OTA)
  • OTA updates can keep firmware up to date and allow for remote patches to resolve issues
  • Allow experts to configure devices to support field operations remotely
  • Easily track and manage assets with a single source of truth

Detect with advanced spectroscopy

We turn research and fundamental theory into accurate measurement systems that solve real world problems.
Our hardware and software tools are specifically catered to chemical detection, classification, and quantification applications.

Project: Detect SO2 concentration in wine

Direct UV absorption spectroscopy for accurate detection of SO₂ concentration in wine.

Project: Detect adulteration in food products

Remote, automated operation of Raman spectrometer and cloud-based processing for detection of adulteration in food products.

Generate data that drives decisions

Data model, data pipeline, user interface, correct labelling & accurate measurement tools all help to generate a quality data feed.

User Interface Design

Achieve repeatable results from operators of all levels of skill:
  • A detailed understanding of the process and environment in which technology operates informs the design of intuitive interfaces.
  • ”Baking in” the S.O.P., and automatically handling common problems,  allows users with minimal training to operate complex systems with success.
  • Our mobile-app stack also offers direct-chat support so that technicians can communicate directly with operators when an issue is observed.

Capture context at the source

Thoughtful process & user interface design encourage (or mandate) operators to correctly label & contextualize data as it is collected. Data gains value and versatility when all of the essential relationships and interactions are connected along with it.

Collect data, unlock information.

Tools to convert data into information

Users of the data can answer questions that drive business decisions, such as:
  • Who is our most frequent user at each customer site?
  • How would it impact operation if we changed this parameter?
  • What is machine up-time for each customer?
  • What are the most common issues customers face?

Bring your ideas through to tangible products

We have in-house prototyping, assembly, and testing capabilities as well as a developed network for all types of prototyping and production.
Detailed Design
Assembly & Deployment

Develop new technologies rapidly,
from concept to customer

Our team has built a practice of rapid iteration and tools that accelerate development.
When we say rapid, we mean days and weeks, not years.

Project: Sample-handling Robot

Automated sample-handling robot helps train chemometric models for Raman spectroscopy of liquid samples.

Project: Decontamination Oven

Decontamination of respirators: from theoretical conception to tested prototype in four weeks.

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