BarrelWise FS1 System:
Rapid Free SO2 Analysis for Wine


The FS1 free SO2 analyzer revolutionizes routine analysis in commercial winemaking.

Who The FS1 Is For

For wineries that produce premium or luxury tier wines, maximizing the value of the fruit is a top priority. Preventable quality issues such as oxidation and microbial spoilage often result in wine downgrades. Declassifying a barrel of wine from $70 per bottle label to $20 per bottle can cost the winery upwards of $15,000. For high end wineries, the FS1 offers a way to identify and address quality issues early, so that every grape is used to its full potential.

Due to their scale, large winemaking facilities often struggle with production bottlenecks, miscommunication, and labor inefficiencies. Common problems include cellar crews waiting for lab results, lab technicians swamped with analysis requests, and winemakers constantly pulled in different directions. With the FS1, wineries can free up lab resources, seamlessly transfer information from winemaking to the cellar teams, all while improving precision and control over the SO2 dosing process.

When managing multiple facilities, consistency and transparency are key. Major winemaking groups seek to improve information flow and reporting, minimize key personnel risk, and generate institutional knowledge. The FS1’s cloud-based platform provides senior decision-makers visibility over the effectiveness of quality control procedures across all group facilities, improves barrel purchasing decisions, and assists with evaluating the ROI of cell improvement projects.

Barrel-by-Barrel Free SO2 analysis, right in the cellar

Treat every single barrel of wine as an individual and make the most of the fruit's potential, no matter the cellar size.


Unlike traditional wine lab instruments, the FS1 is designed to analyze wine right in the cellar. It enables 1 person to quickly execute the full analysis cycle in just 70 seconds. The samples are automatically collected, analyzed on the spot, and the measurement result is automatically linked to the vessel, and recorded in the database. 

  • End to end FSO2 analysis workflow in just 70 seconds

  • No set up time

  • Highly mobile for use in different parts of the winery


The FS1 uses a proprietary optical method that delivers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, regardless of the color, turbidity, or varietal of the wine. Results match the industry’s gold standard approach, and do not suffer from common interference issues.

  • Accuracy on par with aeration oxidation

  • Reliable with any wine, at any stage of the process 

  • Can track measurements by other common lab instruments (FOSS, Y15, etc.) to achieve consistency with winery’s existing data set

BarrelWise smartphone app scanning barrel barcode


The FS1 is a cloud-connected system which streamlines routine free SO2 analysis through automation. Operated via a smartphone, it automatically pulls the sample, executes analysis, and assigns results to individual vessels at a push of a button. The FS1 requires no specialized skill or prior experience to use.

  • Streamlines analysis process is fast and simple

  • Automatic data tracking eliminates delays and human errors

  • The FS1 can be used by any winery employee with minimal training

Winemaker reading barrel-by-barrel insights in the BarrelWise database


Analysis data collected by the FS1 is assigned to individual vessels and stored in the cloud. This enables winemakers to see the results live as they are collected in the cellar, easily analyze patterns that impact wine quality, and be notified of risks before they turn into actual problems.

  • No more manual data entry - all results are automatically attached to the measured barrel or tank

  • Advanced analysis of trends: variance, correlations, changes over time

  • Winemakers can focus their attention on wine that needs it most

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Treat every single barrel of wine as an individual and make the most of the fruit's potential, no matter the cellar size.