Giving winemakers the tools to better practice their art

the barrel wise barrel management system

The BarrelWise System

Treat every single barrel of wine as an individual and make the most of the fruit's potential, no matter the cellar size.

Reduce labour hours
Save time with fast, precise barrel topping, sampling, and sulfite additions.
Free SO2 tracking
Automatically measure fSO2 and adjust  accordingly in every barrel for optimal protection.
Keep barrels sealed
Protect wine from unwanted oxygen and microbes, and gain added control over DO.
Never miss a barrel
Track all barrel work activities, including ullage, to generate actionable winemaking insights.

BarrelWise System Benefits

As compared to traditional methods:
over 50%
of time saved
on routine barrel work
90 seconds
per Free SO2 reading
calibrated to Aeration-Oxidation
$52+ per barrel
in added value
per year

What our customers are saying

Corrie Krehbiel - Head Winemaker
"The BarrelWise system offered an opportunity to protect our barrel ageing wine from oxygen throughout élevage. This fit our wine style, and increased freshness of the wine compared to the control group. We have extended our BarrelWise use to some of our highest tier wines."
Erik von Krosigk - Head Winemaker
"BarrelWise is helping us manage our barrel program by simplifying routine barrel work tasks. The system also generates valuable production data. This has allowed us to continue to push the limits of wine quality and style."
Sandy Leier - Head Winemaker
The BarrelWise system demonstrated significant time saving, making barrel work simpler and easier for the crews, and increasing the consistency for quality. It gives me a greater confidence that our cellar crews will always perform barrel work tasks to the highest standards.
Paul Gardner - Owner
"Working with BarrelWise to help protect our wines is a great investment. Not only protecting our asset but also ensuring that we are making the highest quality of handcrafted wines possible."