Giving winemakers the tools 

to better practice their art

The BarrelWise barrel management system

 A smart way to care for barrel ageing wine

Barrel work efficiency

over 50%

time saving

vs. traditional methods

Data collection

free SO2

& ullage

measured and tracked

for every barrel

...without having to open the barrels


About us

BarrelWise develops smart technology to enhance wine production and analysis. Its product - a first of a kind barrel management system - delivers efficiency and precision to routine barrel work in winery cellars, tracks critical winemaking data, and offers an unprecedented level of control over the oak maturation process to winemakers. The company’s products are used by leading wine producers in British Columbia, California, and Washington. Founded in 2018 by a team from the University of British Columbia, BarrelWise is a member of the e@ubc Hatch accelerator, a graduate of the Creative Destruction Lab program, and has been featured on Ready to Rocket’s 2020 Agri-Food Emerging Rockets list.


The BarrelWise system demonstrated significant time saving, making barrel work simpler and easier for the crews, and increasing the consistency for quality.”

Sandy Leier, Head Winemaker

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