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FS1 System: Expand your wine testing capabilities

The FS1 enables cellar workers to measure free SO₂ at barrels with results instantly uploaded to a cloud database for winemakers and lab team to analyze. This turns a procedure that is often lab-centric and labor-intensive into a highly precise one-minute task.
Fast, right in the cellar  ■  Accurate & Reliable   ■  Highly Automated  ■  Seamless Process

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FS1 in action

Rodney Strong Wine Estates
J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
Mission Hill Family Estate
CedarCreek Estate Winery
Arterra Wines Canada
Time Family of Wines
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"BarrelWise FS1 is helping Rodney Strong Winery to streamline routine workflows in the cellar. This technology enables us to conduct barrel-by-barrel analysis, which helps to maximize the quality of our wines."
Olivia Wright - Winemaker - Rodney Strong Wine Estates

"With the FS1, the data collection is so efficient that scaling up free SO2 sampling no longer prompts the challenge of balancing with other lab priorities. Doing our due diligence became a lot easier."
Brett Vassar - Assistant Winemaker - J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

“At Mission Hill, we prioritize making exciting wines of the highest quality. BarrelWise technology enables our team to explore novel winemaking approaches, better track the state of our barrel aging wine, while improving efficiency and consistency of the production process."
Darryl Brooker - President - Mission Hill Family Estate

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BarrelWise LABS: Think, design, build

Over the years, we have developed, deployed and maintained our own technologies that boost efficiency for our customers at a rate that was not possible before. Building upon these technical capabilities and hands-on experience, we look to help you develop and launch your ideas, or improve your existing technologies.
Our Expertise: Advanced Spectroscopy  ■  IoT System Design  ■  Interface Design  ■  Mechanical Design  ■  New Technology Development

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