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See the FS1 in Action

BarrelWise FS1:

Barrel-by-Barrel Free SO2 analysis, right in the cellar

Treat every single barrel of wine as an individual and make the most of the fruit's potential, no matter the cellar size.

Track every barrel in the cellar without compromising throughput
Measurement accuracy matches aeration oxidation
Real-time cellar data at your fingertips
Designed for use in the cellar, easy and accessible for everyone

Seamless integration into existing winery processes

BarrelWise smartphone app scanning barrel barcode
User-friendly operation via a simple smartphone app
Winery worker moving BarrelWise FS1 across the cellar on a trolley
Easily maneuverable to accommodate any cellar layout
Winemaker reading barrel-by-barrel insights in the BarrelWise database
Seamless, automated data flow between the cellar and the winemaking team

Barrel Downgrades Are Significant Losses

A single barrel downgraded from $60 (retail) per bottle to $20 represents a lost revenue opportunity of $13,000.
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