FS1 Performance Specifications and Features

Measurement method

Gas-phase optical absorption

Total analysis time

70-80 seconds with 50-ft hose

Sample volume

75 mL

Measurement range

5 mg/L to 100 mg/L Free SO₂


±2.5 mg/L or 5%

Note: In-cellar working repeatability, greater of the two i.e. ±2.5 mg/L < 50 mg/L and 5% span > 50 mg/L, 95% confidence interval.

5 mL of 25% Phosphoric Acid

Sample temperature range

4°C to 25°C

Sample preparation

(sample pulled from barrels or other vessels)

Calibration procedure

Factory to AO, or customizable ²

Note: Customized calibration can be used to align with other lab equipment. Standard calibration is to AO method and is stable.
Data collection

Automatic upload to secure cloud

Interference issues

(including turbidity, color, acids, or phenolics)

Winery Requirements for FS1 installation

Power input

110V AC

Pneumatic input

60-120 PSI Air or Nitrogen


Wifi connectivity to the Internet