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With thousands of Free SO₂ measurements streaming in monthly from wineries through our FS1 System, BarrelWise is now in a unique position to harness the data to generate insights on how Free SO₂ is measured and managed in practice.

We have been working closely with the 'BarrelWised' wineries who are eager to understand more about Free SO₂ just as much as us, to explore the data and develop a better system to manage Free SO₂. Our team is excited to tell the stories of this journey and hope it can also help your operations.

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40,000+ measurements

As of July 2023, we have collected more than 40,000 measurements through our FS1 System. This means 40,000 data points (and counting), and numerous stories from our partner wineries.

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About the Project

Directions & Topics of Interest

Detect & Correct early, immediately

We know that sulfur dioxide is an unstable substance and a challenge to manage due to limited visibility into the barrel's health (fewer barrels sampled and most of the time blended into the composite form) and the error-prone nature of the sulfur management process.

Recent technology breakthrough in Free SO₂ analysis has eliminated the lab resource limitation and made data collection easier, enabling the winemaking industry to start sampling a lot more and monitoring barrels at an individual level. This liberates winemakers from the insufficient sampling standard taken from mass manufacturing industries, creating a new ability to see variance within a barrel lot and identify outliers for investigation.

In this topic, we will discover how variance within a barrel lot typically looks, and anything related to identifying and treating outlier barrels.

Screenshot showing the Dashboard (winery view) of Free SO₂ Measurements, from one of our partner wineries who used the BarrelWise FS1 as the primary method to test and manage Free SO₂. Dots with the same colors represent barrels belonging to the same lot.

Design effective Free SO2 routine check workflows and quality control programs

No two wineries are the same. Each BarrelWise customer has their own way to integrate the technology and structure their quality control based on the newfound insights, depending on their size, team structure, and existing practice.

In this topic, we aim to collect, systemize and present different ways of improving routine test workflows and quality control programs, to help winemakers pick the right approach for their own operations.

Improve wine quality, immediately and over time

On top of the immediate corrective actions, we will be looking at data tracking over time and find any patterns that indicate barrels of concern. In other words, we investigate measurements over time so more context can be added to the present Free SO₂ readings, making the outlier / risk detection even more effective, which translate into less quality issues such as overdosing, barrel downgrade, or wine spoilage.

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