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Meet the FS1

Seamless. Fast.

< 80 seconds / sample
How it works - FS1 Free SO₂ Analyzer
  • Pull sample directly from barrel
  • Once the sample is drawn (~15 secs), the operator can move on to the next barrel while the system completes the analysis.
  • Automatic sample preparation
  • Sample temperature stabilized to lab conditions
  • Acidify sample to gasify free SO₂
  • Measure SO₂ gas using a proprietary optical sensor
  • Data is instantly saved to a cloud database, accessible by winemaking team
A view of FS1 Free SO₂ Analyzer in a winery
The only Free SO₂ Analyzer with a fully automated, in-cellar process; from collecting sample to recording data.

For winemaking's unique challenges

Winemakers are relying on inadequate data to
make SO₂ related decisions.

It's common practice to only sample a few barrels and extend those results across a large barrel group due to technical and resource limitations. This assumption works well in predictable mass-manufacturing settings but doesn’t hold for the unique challenges of barrel aging of fine wines.

Unknown variability

Inspired and challenged by nature, making wines is full of unknowns and surprises. The grapes, the oak, the microbial activities — all lead to a degree of variability yet to be sufficiently understood.

The FS1 enables sampling more barrels (significantly) without scaling either lab or cellar teams. The result? More lab-equivalent data for a better insights into the wine health during barrel aging.

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time sensitivity

The unstable characteristic of SO₂ causes the measurements quickly become irrelevant after a short period. Microbes also don't rest, making the decisions to add SO₂ to at-risk barrels become time critical.

BarrelWise has built the FS1 system to simplify the entire workflow to less than 80 seconds, from opening barrels to data on the cloud for winemakers. Long wait time is no longer a barrier to effective intervention.

Error-prone Workflow

The cross-functional collaboration, manual work, and specialized lab procedures (especially for the widely used AO method) open lots of room for errors in conventional testing methods.

With a fully automated process, the FS1 eliminates these chances for errors. Wineries can channel the energy to get creative on improving quality control instead of maintaining a labor-intensive workflow.

Transform the workflow

From days to minutes

Workflow defines processes and team interactions to get the job done. It can be either a major contributor or a silent killer of profitability and wine quality. With BarrelWise FS1,

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Do more with the same lab & cellar capacity

Numbers are collected from a customer and accurate as of October 2022.
5 times
more free so2 readings
176 /day
highest readings recorded

Reduce risk of barrel downgrades, proactively

Here are a few things our customers have used the FS1 for.

Monitor potential problems

Increased process transparency has enabled our customers to minimize the risk of potential problems that lead to barrel downgrades.


A well-designed process of checking free SO₂ after additions ensures the additions hit the desired target, and catch any errors of double or missing additions.


Close monitoring of barrels at an individual level reduces risk in these premium lots, maximizing the return on the extra investment in top-quality fruit and barrels. More protection where it matters.

Review & IDENTIFY Outliers

More samples tested means higher chance to catch abnormal barrels that need investigation and intervention. This potentially gives winemakers the chance to prevent unnecessary and expensive barrel downgrades.

Adopting FS1

Easy to implement


A single cellar worker can measure and act on results

  • Pull sample directly from the barrel
  • Move to the next barrel while the system completes the analysis
  • Data is instantly saved on a cloud database, accessible to winemakers
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Easy to control

Control through
intuitive mobile app

  • Single-operator process with minimal training requirements
  • Operator controls the system from a mobile phone
  • Guided and automated setup and cleaning procedures

Access results and take actions from anywhere

  • Winemakers can watch the results in our web portal with real-time dashboard and define the actions for cellar team immediately
  • Actions for certain range of results can be predefined in the software
Well intergrated

Integrate easily into existing winery processes

  • Compatible with all existing winery workflows, including different barrel configurations and how free SO₂ routine checks are executed.
  • Results can be both tied to barrels and calculated as composite sample
  • Real-time and proactive customer support
  • Currently integrated with InnoVint winery production software
Getting results

Measurements you can trust


Produce results at
lab-level accuracy

The FS1 produces measurements that are:
  • Highly repeatable
  • Accuracy on par with aeration-oxidation method
  • Reliable with any wine, at any stage of the process

Safeguard from
a wide range of errors

BarrelWise has designed the FS1 System to safeguard the results from potential errors during the process and promptly alert both the winery and the BarrelWise support team.

This is achieved through the extensive tracking of:
  • Winery environment and wine condition
  • System measurement performance and self-diagnostics

Single source of truth, instantly

All measurements are instantly available in a cloud database to everyone - cellar crews, winemakers, and BarrelWise technical support team. This means all activities and decisions will happen based on reliable data at any given time.

Impactful support

Proactive, real-time monitoring

BarrelWise has made customer support an integral part of our product offering, including real-time monitoring, a proactive approach, and a responsive team. Wineries can be sure to have a smooth experience, getting our help quickly when needed, and even before they know it.

Read more: Customer Support (PDF)
Customer stories

Rodney Strong Wine Estates
scales up free SO₂ control with FS1

Read more: FS1 at Rodney Strong
BarrelWise FS1 is helping Rodney Strong Wine Estates to streamline routine workflows in the cellar. This technology enables us to conduct barrel-by-barrel analysis, which helps to maximize the quality of our wine.
The FS1 empowers my team in the cellar to work efficiently without waiting for lab results, while also providing improved quality controls.
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