Put your free SO2 testing in the fast lane.

Unrivaled speed

Turn your lab-centric testing into a process done efficiently in day-to-day cellar operations.
Experience the fastest turnaround time from sample acquisition to data in winemaker’s hands.

70 seconds per sample

Scan the barrel, insert the nozzle, press “Measure” on the phone app. About a minute later, the free SO₂ readings are ready and uploaded to a cloud database for lab team and winemakers to look at.

Cut down manual tasks

On top of fast testing time, the entire process is highly automated to eliminate the manual and mundane tasks for your team — from writing labels and walking samples to the lab to washing tubes and entering, uploading data.

No lab skills required

Cellar team can easily do tests and additions based on protocols, with extra samples sent to the lab afterwards for other routine analyses. Speed up, and offload the pressure on your lab so they can focus on other priorities.

Accurate, reliable results

Be confident in the measurements your team collect with our technology.

Produce results at lab-level accuracy

The FS1 produces measurements that are highly repeatable, and reliable with any wine, at any stage of the process. Its accuracy is on par with the industry standard's aeration-oxidation (AO) method.

Customers can use the FS1 at its standard calibration based on AO, or recalibrate to emulate the lab equipment they use as a primary reference.

Safeguard from a wide range of errors

BarrelWise has built an extensive, remote machine monitoring practice to both ensure the machine performance and detect errors by users or from external factors such as reagent or waste containers.

Alerts will be prompted to the operators and our team when any issue arises.

Single source of truth in real-time

All measurements are instantly available in a cloud database to everyone - cellar crews, winemakers, and BarrelWise technical support team. This means all activities and decisions will happen based on reliable data at any given time.

Wineries that do not have a reliable Internet connection can opt for our alternative Enhanced Mobility setup.

Cut backlogs. Reduce guesswork.
Do it your way.

BarrelWise designs the FS1 to be compatible with a vast number of winery workflows because no two wineries are the same. Winemakers can quickly implement the technology with minimal changes and disruption to the existing protocols, and update over time to align with any changing priorities.

Set the protocols based on your own goal


To keep up with the sheer amount of samples required without overstretching lab resources. Typically used by wineries that have high production volume or struggle with lab resources.

Example: Keep the composite sampling protocol (and all other existing protocols), follow with running a part of the samples on the FS1 for free SO₂ and sending the rest to lab for sensory and other routine analyses.


To balance between having granular data and maintaining productivity. Typically used by wineries that have a mix of fairly different wine tiers.

Example: Employ individual barrel sampling protocol, and apply a mixed rate of sampling (higher rate for reserve lots and lower rate for all other lots).


To achieve the homogeneity in free SO₂ levels and minimize the risks of barrel downgrades. Typically seen in wineries producing luxury to iconic wines.

Example: Employ individual barrel sampling protocol, and test every barrel (or very high rate) in your winery.

Choose what to do with the extra capacity and insights


Investigate anomalies to identify the cause, and monitor over time to ensure they are solved. Our Data Portal makes it easier for winemakers and lab tech to spot issues with data visualization and trace the history of each barrel.


Build a thorough, well-designed process of checking free SO₂ after additions to ensure the additions hit the desired target, and catch any errors of double or missing additions.


Monitor barrels closely, at an individual level to reduce quality risks in these premium lots and maximize the return on investment in top-quality fruit and barrels.
More protection where it matters.


Ensure the free SO₂ levels meet the targets after milestones such as post-malolactic fermentation and post-harvest by testing all or significantly more barrels. This is especially important for wineries that do minimal rack-and-return (or are looking to do so to save time).


Investigate anomalies to identify the cause, and monitor over time to ensure they are solved. Our Data Portal makes it easier for winemakers and lab tech to spot issues with data visualization and trace the history of each barrel.

Smooth experience, through and through

The FS1 is made to ensure winery teams have a good time using it, rain or shine.
We built our technology from the angles of all users — winemakers, lab techs, and cellar teams — and have been continuing to improve our system as we work with more teams.

Easy to implement

You will be supported by our team of experts throughout the implementation process — from data preparation, on-site installation to consultation on how to best use our FS1 in your winery.

Easy to use

Your cellar team will be up to speed in no time thanks to our intuitive, bilingual app (English-Spanish), and a simple machine operation with baked-in SOPs. You will also love our Data Portal where  results are visualized and organized.

Easy to maintain

Any maintenance your team need to do will be guided either by our phone app or our customer support team. We also have regular check-ins and periodic preventive maintenance as part of all our product offerings.

Jam-free tech support

As your team runs the FS1, our team watches in real time. Be it an error from users or external factors, our technical team is usually the first to know and stays on top until it is resolved.

Worry-free pricing

Our subscription pricing model makes  your budget predictable — a flat fee covering all operational costs such as maintenance, repair, and tech support, which are otherwise expensive and hard to predict when you own an equipment.

How our pricing save you time & money >

Friction-free operation

Upgrades are available to make our technology work effortlessly with your current winery settings, for example, integration with winery management software like InnoVint and Vintrace, and Enhanced Mobility is available for wineries with a limited Internet connection, or want an untethered setup.

The interconnection of the FS1 system allows BarrelWise team to move quickly when supporting customers, be it troubleshooting or problem prevention.

Customer Stories

Hear the stories from our customers getting more done controlling wine quality with the help of the FS1.
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Customer interviews

In this series, we sit down with our customers, of different shapes and sizes, to interview them about their journey moving past the status quo and embracing BarrelWise’s new technology at their wineries.


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