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Rodney Strong Wine Estates
scales up free SO₂ control with FS1

The FS1 empowers my team in the cellar to work efficiently without waiting for lab results, while also providing improved quality controls.
BarrelWise FS1 is helping Rodney Strong Wine Estates to streamline routine workflows in the cellar. This technology enables us to conduct barrel-by-barrel analysis, which helps to maximize the quality of our wine.
Olivia Wright - Winemaker

Barrel aging with superior visibility

As one of California's most respected wine companies, Rodney Strong Wine Estates (RSWE) has long been committed to consistently creating high-quality wines. When presented with the BarrelWise FS1, RSWE saw an opportunity to bring its practices of barrel aging quality control to another level, while saving valuable lab and cellar resources.

Highly efficient workflow

The FS1 enabled RSWE to improve their barrel program and create a more labor-efficient and precise process. RSWE can now measure free SO₂ at-barrel in less time, with data instantly available and linked to barrels in a cloud-connected database.

Increased quality control

The FS1 tremendously increased the number of free SO₂ measurements possible at RSWE. The team has used this newly-gained analysis capacity to recreate their quality control program, including keeping an eye on every single barrel in premium lots.

discover: FS1 System - Overview

Facts & Figures

With the same lab and cellar capacity, RSWE has achieved the below:

5 times more
in total of free SO₂ readings

RSWE has extensively utilized the FS1 to measure free SO₂, generating over 1,600 measurements in high-volume months and over 170 measurements during peak days. This was not possible with their previous lab capacity. With this clear advantage, the FS1 System is now the primary instrument for free SO₂ analysis at RSWE.

6300+ barrels
monitored on a monthly average

The winemaking team has used the insights provided by the FS1 to make decisions for over 6,000 barrels per month, on average and close to 8,000 barrels on a peak month.

100% of barrels
measured in top-tier lots

RSWE has been using the fast and accurate analysis of the FS1 to measure EVERY barrel in their top-tier wine lots. Close monitoring of barrels at an individual level reduces risk in these premium lots, maximizing the return on the extra investment in top-quality fruit and barrels.

Reduced need
for manual data entry

All data is automatically recorded in a cloud database, linked to specific barrels, and available for winemakers instantly at the time of measurement. This saves time significantly, reduces room for errors and allows the winemakers to make timely decisions.

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