In March 2020 Mission Hill Family Estate Winery initiated a 58-barrel trial of the BarrelWise Barrel ManagementSystem to evaluate it against 3 key criteria:

  1. Evaluate potential wine quality improvement in select varietals.
  2. Assess ease of use and sanitation aspects of the system.
  3. Confirm the system’s suitability for existing barrel work processes.

By harvest 2020, the winery successfully validated the BarrelWise capabilities against all 3 criteria, before the trial completed in February 2021.

With these results, Mission Hill expanded adoption of the BarrelWise system to 500 barrels, focusing on premium wine SKUs. The system is also being extended to Cedar Creek, a sister winery.

“The difference between wine in the BarrelWise trial and control groups was clear in the 2016 barrels. BarrelWise trial barrels retained more freshness.”