A subscription model where costs to keep your machine running are included (read: your budget will be predictable)

When building the FS1, our team wanted a simple pricing structure that consists of the costs often buried in the fine print or appendix when you buy specialty equipment — preventive maintenance, repairs, replacements, and sometimes customer support. And even if you expect these costs, how much they can add up might be a surprise.

This model also provides you with an always-improving product with new functionalities added over time rather than a one-and-done purchase. 

For any add-ons that cost extra, you will always know about the fixed cost upfront (such as integration with wine tracking software like InnoVint and Vintrace, or mobility package to accommodate cellars with weak Wifi signals).

Machine monitored in real time, included

One thing we do differently from our competition is to proactively ensure your measurements are done properly. 

As your team fires up the FS1, an extensive set of parameters streams directly to our technical team to monitor its real-time performance. We also watch out for errors from users or the environment (reagent is empty!) and promptly contact your team to fix any unresolved issues.

Excellent and seamless experience, included

From day one, we aimed to create a pleasant system for winery teams to interact with every single time, whether using the machine in the cellar, browsing the data through the portal, or talking with our team.

There is a long list of what we did to achieve this, but here are a few:

  • Highly automated, easy-to-learn process
  • Intuitive user interface with self-guided procedures
  • New functionalities as our team improves the product
  • We implement all system updates, so no more updating software on your own
  • Your own customer success contact to onboard, suggest how to best use our machine in your winery, provide training, and arrange maintenance.
  • A technical team that is proactive, responsive, well-coordinated, and powered by an interconnected infrastructure. No more waiting on the phone line and getting your requests bounced around.

You can read about J. Lohr’s experience using our system.

Help you scale up the capacity without scaling up the costs

You can run unlimited tests on your FS1 without worrying that the price tag will inflate proportionally. 

The consumables for the FS1 include generic 25% phosphoric acid (5 mL per sample), which costs much less and is more convenient compared to systems that require their own consumables (usually with an expiry date). The FS1 also has a highly efficient process that allows testing to be done in significantly less time with no specialized lab skills, which in turn avoids the substantial labor costs when adding more samples.

All in all, the FS1 is a highly cost-effective method for wineries with many barrels to go through.

Closing Notes 

When your winery has a large production scale or produces luxury and iconic wines, the equipment decisions will likely impact the bottom line considerably. With our pricing packages, it is easy to do budgeting and calculate the return on your investment, where you will discover that the value gained is far greater than its subscription price.