In our previous post we outlined some of the difficulties faced by the winemaking industry due to COVID19-induced lockdowns. The virus has affected everyone, and BarrelWise is no exception. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, the ambitions of BarrelWise remain unchanged – to deliver operational efficiencies and data-driven insights to winery cellars. Like oak barrels themselves, BarrelWise aims to become indispensable for high quality wine producers around the world. To this end, we continue to work closely with wineries to install and evaluate our equipment, wherever it is safe to do so. We are grateful to all our winery partners, who remain incredibly responsive and supportive amidst the challenges and uncertainties of the current situation.

Early BarrelWise system prototype. Photo: BarrelWise

At the same time, we also wanted to do our part for the healthcare providers who are bearing the brunt of the impact. To help front line workers cope with the worst possible pandemic scenarios, the BarrelWise engineering team has partnered with the University of British Columbia on a fantastic side project. With support from Genome BC, we are developing a heat sterilization oven for Filtering Facepiece Respirator (FFR) masks used by medical personnel. This oven requires no specialty parts, and can be produced quickly, cheaply, and locally, avoiding supply chain issues that are likely in these ‘bad case’ scenarios. The project is due to complete in early May 2020.

Sterilization oven design rendering. Photo: BarrelWise

We are excited to contribute to COVID19 response efforts, and are also very grateful for the recent mentions by a number of top news sites, including:


· Wine Industry Advisor

· Forbes

· Daily Hive

· Techcouver

And more…

Thank you all for sharing our story!