BarrelWise is thrilled to announce the appointment of Tom Klassen as its new Winemaking Technology Advisor. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of winemaking and extensive industry experience, Tom will play a pivotal role in showcasing the value that the BarrelWise FS1 System brings to wineries worldwide.

As Winemaking Technology Advisor, Tom will utilize his vast knowledge and expertise gained over two decades as a winemaker to identify opportunities where BarrelWise's technology can transform wineries' operations. Tom's deep understanding of winemaking processes perfectly positions him to recognize the specific pain points wineries face and effectively communicate how BarrelWise products can address those challenges.

Having used the BarrelWise FS1 System in his previous work, Tom has witnessed firsthand how the FS1 System can streamline processes, enhance wine quality, and maximize efficiency throughout the wine analysis journey.

"Joining BarrelWise is an exciting opportunity for me to combine my passion for winemaking with the chance to explore the potential for quality improvement with the winemaking community," said Tom Klassen. "Having personally experienced the value of BarrelWise's technology, I am eager to demonstrate its exceptional benefits to wineries of various sizes. I look forward to working closely with our clients and showcasing how our products can elevate their wine analysis process to new heights."

With Tom's invaluable expertise and the proactive approach of BarrelWise's support team, wineries can confidently navigate the challenges of wine analysis and stay ahead of labor shortages and potential wine quality issues. 

"Tom Klassen's deep industry knowledge and passion for winemaking make him the ideal candidate to demonstrate the unique value our technology delivers," said Jason Sparrow, CEO of BarrelWise Technologies. "We are thrilled to have Tom on board, and we are confident that his expertise will help us continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients."