BarrelWise booth at Unified

Returning to Unified this year, BarrelWise is thrilled to bring our flagship product, FS1 Free SO₂ Analyzer, on display with many exciting updates on its success and new features.

In this demo, booth visitors can operate the analyzer themselves from a mobile device on a selection of red and white wines. We will also be showing the web portal where winemakers can see the test results as it happens.

Over the past year, FS1 has gained traction in California and British Columbia, among the most reputable wineries. Our customers have found benefits from how seamlessly the system works, saving time and allowing them to boost the quality control program without scaling up lab resources. FS1 observed the highest daily test record of 176 and a harvest season where testing did not slow down.

Wineries that would like to see FS1 in action at their facilities can chat with us at the booth and schedule a site demo the week after or later.

About FS1 System

FS1 is a free SO₂ analyzer developed by BarrelWise that lets a single cellar worker measure Free SO₂ at-barrel with lab-level accuracy. This is currently the only Free SO₂ analyzer with a fully automated, in-cellar process from sample collection to data recording.
With a seamless and error-free workflow, FS1 is a powerful tool for winemakers to combat microbial spoilage in wine without exceeding legal limits or hindering the development of wine characteristics.

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