BarrelWise at WIN Expo 2022

The BarrelWise team is excited to be back at the WIN Expo trade show this December, hosting a live demo of the FS1 free SO2 analyzer.

  • Location: Booth 423
  • Date & Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Thursday, December 1, 2022
  • Event location: Sonoma County Fairgrounds, 1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA USA 95404
  • Promo code: BAR423

About the FS1

The BarrelWise FS1 is a system for at-barrel free SO₂ analysis, designed for wineries to transform their existing free SO₂ management workflow. The FS1 enables a single worker to access the barrels, measure free SO₂ and act on the results based on pre-defined criteria set by winemakers. All measurements are instantly recorded in a cloud database accessible by both the winemaking team and our real-time customer support team.

Over the summer of 2022, thousands of free SO₂ measurements have been collected at customer wineries in California, helping winemakers to streamline their workflow and maximize the quality of their wines.

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