Another wonderful article has been published by Ronda Payne and our friends at the Orchard & Vine magazine about BarrelWise, and why premium Canadian winery owners like Paul Gardner of Pentâge are implementing our technology.

"Without BarrelWise, testing would take more than 15 minutes a barrel, making it impossible to test every barrel in many cellars. With BarrelWise, barrels stay in place and data is collected through sensors on the head unit. The accuracy of the optical method for free SO₂ measurement is comparable to aeration-oxidation measures. As the next stage of development is rolled out from BarrelWise, additional measures will be added to the roster giving winemakers even greater knowledge and control over their product."


Pentâge winey and vineyards overlooking Lake Skaha near Penticton, BC
Pentâge Winery estate near Penticton, BC. Source: EAT Magazine