BarrelWise FS1 System

Free SO₂ Analysis, redesigned

The head unit of FS1 Free SO₂ Analyzer

At a glance

Fast, right in the cellar

The FS1 enables one cellar worker to measure Free SO₂ at barrels in under 80 seconds.

Accurate & Reliable

The FS1 uses a proprietary optical method that delivers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, regardless of the wine's color, turbidity, or varietal. Results match the industry's gold standard approach, and do not suffer from common interference issues.

Fully Automated

Our FS1 is the only Free SO₂ analyzer with full automation from collecting samples to recording data. This turns an error-prone to error-free process.


All data is instantly stored in a cloud database, enabling winemakers to see the results in real time, quickly analyze patterns that impact wine quality, and be notified of risks before they turn into actual problems.

FS1 in 2 minutes

bringing values

FS1 is perfect for

Premium Wineries

Barrel downgrades are costly and undermine the effort and investment in top-tier materials. Reclassifying a barrel of wine from $70 per bottle to $20 per bottle can cost the winery upwards of $15,000.

For high-end wineries, the FS1 offers a way to identify and address quality issues early, so that every grape is used to its full potential.

Large Wineries

Large-scale production poses miscommunication, bottlenecks, and labor inefficiencies—cellar crews waiting for lab results, lab technicians swamped with analysis requests, and winemakers constantly pulled in different directions.

With the FS1, wineries can free up lab resources and simplify information flow between winemaking and the cellar teams, all while improving precision and control over the process.

Multi-winery Groups

Consistency and transparency are key when managing multiple facilities. The FS1’s cloud-based platform provides senior decision-makers visibility over the effectiveness of quality control procedures across all group facilities, improves barrel purchasing decisions, and assists with evaluating the ROI of cell improvement projects.

FS1 in action

Our Customers

Rodney Strong Wine Estates
Mission Hill Family Estate
CedarCreek Estate Winery
Arterra Wines Canada
Frind Estate Winery
Time Family of Wines

"BarrelWise FS1 is helping Rodney Strong Winery to streamline routine workflows in the cellar. This technology enables us to conduct barrel-by-barrel analysis, which helps to maximize the quality of our wines."
Olivia Wright - Winemaker - Rodney Strong Wine Estates

“At Mission Hill, we prioritize making exciting wines of the highest quality. BarrelWise technology enables our team to explore novel winemaking approaches, better track the state of our barrel aging wine, while improving efficiency and consistency of the production process."
Darryl Brooker - President - Mission Hill Family Estate

Customer using FS1 Free SO₂ Analyzer
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